Thursday 28 September 2017



Wintersong is a OK book, which I think I would have liked it better if I had watched Labyrinth. The first half of the book was fast paced but it slowed down in the second half, however, it was well written.

I did not get on with Leisl as while we are often told how selfless she is, she is actually very whinny, self-centred and jealous. The Goblin King was OK but nothing like I expected him to be, instead of charming and manipulating he is insecure. The romance was unsettling from both Elizabeth and The Goblin King. The Goblin King kidnapping your sister to get you is a big turn off, and Elizabeth pressuring The King for sex all the time was repelling as would we be comfortable and accepting of this behaviour if the genders were switched.

Ultimately, I could not get on with Wintersong and DNF at 75%

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