Tuesday 23 January 2018

Lord of Shadows


Lord of Shadows is the brilliant sequel to Lady Midnight as it really does not suffer from the problems middle books often do. It is well written, has a fast paced plot, lots of action and full of romance. In this novel, we have gotten to know many of the secondary characters better especially Kit, the twins, and Diana and I feel that all of the characters have developed significantly in this book. The one little problem I had with this book was where was Cameron? I got the impression from the first book he lived nearby and I could not understand why we did not see him in this book.

Emma made a few mistakes in this book but they were all made with the best intentions but she is still loyal and determined. Julian is very protective of his family but we got to see his darker side in this book as his is more cunning and calculating and we can see his jealousy with Emma and Mark’s relationship. There was an awful lot of romance in this book, including lots of love triangles but my favourite had to be Kit, Ty and Livvy as I grew to love them and their relationships with each other.

This book ends on a massive cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read the final book in the Dark Artifices series Queen of Air and Darkness. I would recommend Lord of Shadows to fans of Lady Midnight and this series to those who enjoyed Clare’s other Shadowhunter books. 

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