Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Magicians Guild

5 Stars/5

In the city of Imardin every year Magicians drive the Thieves, beggars and the poor out of the city without any trouble, until one year a young woman called Sonea is able to break through their magical barrier. Now, the hunt is on, as the magicians to find her before she destroys the city and herself. Meanwhile, Sonea is trying to hide from them and the bounty on her head by taking refuge with the Thieves.

The Magicians Guild, the first book in the Black Magician trilogy, is my favourite series ever so I may not be as unbiased as I wish. This book does start a bit slow but has a brilliant mix of humour, action and suspense, and in my opinion is a brilliant story with a certain spark, which I have seen in very few books.

Canavan is brilliant at writing characters, because, even though there are different points of view, they all have their own unique voices. Sonea is a character whom I really admire because, even though she has not had the best upbringing, she is still a kind character, who is brave and very loyal to those she cares about.

The other main characters are really likeable as well, especially Cery who is really devoted to Sonea and would do anything to protect her and Rothen who is a kind fatherly character. The villain in this book has really understandable motives, and believes that what he is doing is the right thing, for both himself and the Magicians Guild

This is a brilliant fantasy book and whilst it is a bit slow at the start, if you stick with it, it gets MUCH better. I would recommend this book to everyone but especially those who like Maria V Snyder and Tamora Pierce. 

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