Tuesday 23 October 2012

Witch Song

5 Stars/5 

Brusenna has always been hidden away by her mother, but when she and the rest of the haven witches are taken captive by the dark witch Espen, Brusenna is the last witch left, so with the help of her guardian Joshen and her dog Bruke, she must find a way to do what no other witch has done before and defeat the dark witch.

Witch Song is a really brilliant and charming story with true love, adventure and magic it is a good story for YA fantasy readers. The story was non-stop and really captivating and action packed.

I love Senna’s growth in this book but it does not change her too much from the shy insecure girl from the beginning, I admire how she does admit her mistakes and acts on them and how she reacts maybe not in the right way but a realistic one. Also Joshen is also a great character as he is brave, strong and totally loyal to Senna no matter what.

Also the secondary characters are well rounded from Senna’s mother Sacra to the Captain Parknel. The romance is so sweet and gentle but is also very innocent.

I would recommend this book to people who like light but enchanting YA fantasy.

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