Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Novice

5 Stars/ 5

The Novice starts a few months after The Magicians Guild. Sonea is now a novice at the Guild but faces a tough time from the other novices who are distrustful because she is a girl from the slums. Dannyl is now ambassador to Elyne and is on a mission to rediscover ancient magic.  At the same time Sonea, Rothen and Administrator Lorlen have to find a way of dealing with and stopping the High Lord Akkarin from using his black magic.

As I said in my review of The Magicians Guild, I am a big fan of the Black Magician Trilogy, so this might not be an unbiased review. This book has great character development and story line and leaves you wanting to finish the series right then and there.

Sonea grows as a character in this book but at the same time is more vulnerable as she is out of her element and does not fit in at the Guild as much as the slums. I also like how we learn about Dannyl and also different parts of this world.

I love how Trudi Canavan can make us empathise with all of the characters and how everything is not black and white, similarly the suspected villain is very mysterious and you are unsure of his motives, and whether what he is doing is evil or not..

The Novice is an excellent book and if you are a fan of fantasy books then you should read this series.

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