Sunday 9 December 2012


5 Stars/5

Jacinda is the only fire breathing Draki in her pride, which means she has little freedom, apart from flying. But when she is almost caught by hunters and one of them lets her go, Jacinda, her mother, and her sister flee to the human world to stop the pride from punishing her because it is against the rules of the pride to fly during the day. But when there she meets the hunter who saved her, she feels an attraction to him which could be deadly for her.

The Firelight series is one of my guilty pleasures because, even though the story is well written, this is a very predictable and light book and has insta-love. The pace is good and there is just enough action and suspense.

Jacinda is a nice character who tends to believe the best in people and who gets annoyed at people telling her who she should be. Will is also a good character who is perfect boyfriend material, as he is brave, loyal and protective. However, my favourite character is Jacinda’s sister Tamra as even though she is a bit selfish I felt I could relate to her the most.

As I said earlier this is not my favourite romance as it is too quick, therefore did not seem realistic, however it did appeal to the inner teen in me. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes YA paranormal books with a twist.

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