Sunday 23 December 2012

Scent of Magic

5 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin (UK) Limited for giving me this book to review.
Everyone apart from Kerrick thinks that Avry has died from the plague that killed millions of people; however she was saved by the peace lilies. Now Avry and Kerrick have to separate as Avry is going to use her “death” to reconcile with her sister, help the army against King Tohon’s walking dead and discover the secrets of the death lilies and peace lilies. Whilst she is doing this Kerrick is returning to Alga to help his country against Tohon’s army and the invading northern tribes.

Scent of Magic is the second book in the Healers series and while a bit different from Touch of Power it is just as good. There are just as many twists in this book as there are in most of Snyder’s books and the pacing is action packed but not too full on.

Avry is selfless and kind and is a strong heroine who is able to fight for what she believes in despite the odds. We learn much more about Kerrick in this book as half the book is told from his point of view and his personality has not changed from Touch of Power with his protectiveness and love of outdoors.

There are new characters in this book and while they are good, they are not as interesting as the characters we meet again from the first book. If I have one problem with the book is that with Avry and Kerrick separated, the group dynamic which was brilliant in the first book, is disrupted in this one.

The ending is very action packed and exciting which will leave you longing to read Taste of Death. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Maria V Snyder books, especially Touch of Power. 

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