Sunday 30 December 2012


5 Stars/5

Rogan’s childhood is cut short when a man called Stovia kills her family and takes her and others who have magical talents to secure Princezna Haydyn power after her father’s death. Now having growing up together Haydyn and Rogan have become as close sisters but when Haydyn starts dying, only Rogan’s powers can find the flower that will save her. However, the man who is meant to look after her is Wolfe, the son of the man who ruined her life, can she trust him or will she fall for the man who she should hate.

Slumber is a unique retelling of sleeping beauty because it is told from the point of view of her best friend. This book is a great mix of romance and fantasy with nonstop action.

Rogan is a really likable character who has not had an easy life but has come out stronger for it and I could empathise with her and understand her decisions. I also like Haydyn who is sweet and does not really believe in herself. However my favourite character is Wolfe as he has a clear sense of right and wrong and is the perfect fantasy hero.

Young has also put a lot of detail into the secondary characters especially L who is brave yet sweet at the same time. Also the world building is interesting with the different types of magic especially Haydyn’s Dyvatzi power which I have not heard of similar before.

I love Slumber and cannot wait to read L’s story in Sneak Thievery when it comes out. I would recommend Slumber to people who like fantasy romance and fairytales. 

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