Friday 10 May 2013


3 Stars/5

In the Realm of Runa , the king and queen were not able to have any children, so when the King finds a toddler, a lone survivor of a village killed off by the Red Fever, he decides to adopt a child from each kingdom for his wife, and make each of them princesses. Now the eldest Maelyn, rules over Runa, trying to live up to the life her parents wanted. However with the people thinking the princesses as imposters, their uncle up to something sinister and fraction developing between the sisters, Maelyn begins to wonder if she really is a princess or just a fraud that people think and if she is able to keep her family together.

Maelyn is the first in the Nine Princesses novellas which is a sweet light fantasy read which while predictable; it is enjoyable as it has humour, princesses and a hint of romance. However, I do think it would have been better if it was a full novel as there is much more in this book which could have been explored.

Maelyn is a character which I think most readers to identify with as she is nice, a bit bossy and loves reading. I also like the relationship between the sisters because while they did not always like each other the reader could always tell they loved each other, which makes it really realistic.

Maelyn is a nice light novella which I would recommend to people who like princess story which make you feel that all is right in the world.

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