Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Hero of Ages

5 Stars/5

The force and godlike being Ruin, has been released from his prison and his aim is to destroy the world. Spook is in Urteau and is sent to spy on the leader of this city, Citizen Quellion, who is killing nobility in the name of Kelsier; however after escaping death, Spook is determined to use his powers to help the people. At the other end of the land, Vin and Elend are trying to find a way to help their people, but at the same time Elend is trying to get used to being a mistborn after almost dying at the Well of Ascension and Vin is feeling guilty about accidently freeing Ruin. Now following the clues which the Lord Ruler has left, the remains of Kelsier’s crew hope to find a way to stop Ruin before it is too late.

The Hero of Ages is the Final book in the Mistborn series and it is brilliant as it has well written characters, plot and a very unique magic system. There are many twists and turns in this book and the surprises were very clever as they are unexpected yet very obvious in retrospect.

I like Vin and Elend in this book as they are the same people we have grown to care about from the last books but have matured because the world has changed and is a darker place. I also liked the secondary characters in this book especially Spook as we have seen him grow-up from a shy teenager in to a strong and brave adult. One character I did not like as much in this book compared to the last was Sazed as he was so down and pathetic, however, it did feel like his character need to work through his problems to make him grow as a character.

I will be definitely be reading Sanderson’s other books and especially The Alloy of Law. I would recommend the Mistborn series to anyone who likes fantasy or just very well written books. 

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