Wednesday 8 May 2013

Princess of the Midnight Ball

3 Stars/5

Rose is the oldest of the 12 princesses of Westfalin and they have been cursed to dance for the King Under Stone every night with his 12 sons. Galen is a young solider returning home from war and while on the way to live with his only surviving relatives he helps an old woman, who in return gives him a cloak and some wool with magical qualities. Will Galen and Rose’s love for each other be able to find a way to stop the princesses going to the midnight ball, before it is too late?

Princess of the Midnight Ball is a fairy tale retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and even though this book is a sweet and nice read it is very predictable.

While there are 12 princesses each one comes across as very different and unique, and they do not blend together. While I like both Galen and Rose, I did not feel any chemistry between the two of them and as the romance was a big part of this novel it did let the book down a bit.

I would recommend Princess of the Midnight Ball to those who like fairy-tale retellings or very light fantasy. 

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