Wednesday 10 July 2013

Blood and Snow

2 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and All Night Reads for giving me this book to review.

Snow White always thought she was a normal, if a bit clumsy, girl with a father and step-mother who are hardly around and seven best friends who are brothers. That is until the Vampire Queen chooses Snow for her next body. After being bitten by her Hunter, Christopher, and turned into a revenant, Snow has to deal with both her thirst for both humans and her hunter’s blood, whilst figuring out who she likes, a person who she has known most of her life or the person who is turning her into a vampire. But will Snow complete her destiny to use the Seal of Gabriel, created by the Vampire Queen’s twin, to restore the balance between all magical creatures.

Blood and Snow is an OK paranormal retelling of Snow White, however, while the idea of the story was enjoyable it was let down by the characters and the pacing. Another reason I struggled to connect with the story was because so many people had unbelievable names such as Snow White, Chace Charming, Mulan and Ariel, and it got annoying.

Snow irritated me as she did not act realistically because, when she found out about vampires, different creatures and her future she just accepted it instead of freaking out or not believing it. Another thing is that she kept on flitting between guys, saying she loved one, then the other, back and forth throughout the book. I would have also liked to get to know more about some of the brothers as apart from Gabe and Dorian, I did not feel like I knew them that well.

Blood and Snow is an OK Paranormal Snow White retelling, however, I feel that Alyxandra Harvey did it better in My Love Lies Bleeding/Hearts at Stake.

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