Sunday 7 July 2013

Taking Back Forever

3 Stars/5

Maryah is not an ordinary 17 year old girl, she is an element, a person who can remember their past lives and has special powers. Even though she cannot remember much from her other lives she is sure that with hard work and the help of her soul mate Nathan she will be able to discover what is missing. While Harmony is happy that Nathan and Maryah have found each other again, she is a bit jealous as she misses her soul mate Gregory, who was kidnaped by The Nefarious almost two decades ago. With Maryah and Nathan rediscovering each other and the Kindrily’s powers increasing, will Maryah be able to learn and use her powers to save Gregory.

Taking Back Forever is the second book in the Kindrily series, which is an enjoyable and quick read. It has a good story, interesting characters and more romance than was in the last book.

I think I like Maryah more in this book than the last as she is a mixture of being strong and confused but she is not as clueless. I also like Nathan as we see him much happier and we get to see his fun and playful side. However, I just could not connect with Harmony, I think because I was more interested in Maryah’s story than hers.

I like this book and will be reading the next book Fighting for Infinity. I would recommend Taking Back Forever to people who enjoyed reading Grasping at Eternity.

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