Monday 22 July 2013

Through the Ever Night

3 Stars/5

It has been months since Aria and Perry last saw each other, as Aria has been forced by Consul Hess to find the Still Blue and Perry has be busy leading the Tides through a troublesome winter. Now Perry and Aria are back together even though they are pretending to be just acquaintances as the Tides do not trust her as she is half dweller. With Aria still needing to find the Still Blue, and Perry facing doubt in his leadership abilities, he may have to choose between the girl he loves and the tribe he has sworn to protect.

Through the Ever Night is the sequel to Under the Never Sky, and is a good dystopian book. It has an interesting story and I liked that we could see more of the world which Rossi has created. However, while with the first book I felt the romance was a bit rushed, in this I felt that there was a lack of one as Perry and Aria were hardly together in this book.

I liked Aria more in this book as she is stronger and is willing to make her own decisions no matter how hard they are for her. Also Perry has matured since the last book as he is more thoughtful about his tribe and secure about the person he wants to be.

I enjoyed this book and am interested to see how this series concludes in Into the Still Blue. I would recommend Through the Ever Night to people who enjoyed the first book, Under the Never Sky. 

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