Friday 19 July 2013

Under the Never Sky

3 Stars/5

Aria has lived all her life in Reverie as a ‘dweller’ who lives in an enclosed city with virtual environments called The Realms. However, after one disastrous night in which she tries to contact her mother in another similar city, everything changes for her and she is kicked out to die outside. Perry has always been suited to being an ‘outsider’, even though he is an outcast in his own tribe the Tides. However, with Perry’s family falling apart and his nephew kidnaped by the dwellers, he makes an uneasy alliance with Aria. Their journey is challenged by Aether storms, cannibals and their own prejudices and feelings for each other.

Under the Never Sky is an enjoyable YA dystopian book by Veronica Rossi. It has good world building, interesting characters and an entertaining story.

Aria is a quiet likable person who is determined when she wants to but I feel is a bit too trusting. Perry is a silent and brooding type of character but he is also brave and very loyal to those close to his heart. I also liked the secondary characters as they had their own unique personality and did not blur together. However, I felt the romance was a bit rushed as they had only known each other for a week or so and yet they were head over heels for each other.

I enjoyed Under the Never Sky and would recommend it to people who like YA dystopia novels. 

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