Saturday 10 May 2014

Nihal of the Land of the Wind

4 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Open Road Integrated Media for giving me this book to review.

There is no one like Nihal in the tower she lives in, in the Land of the Wind, as she has pointed ears, blue hair and big purple eyes. All she wants to be is a warrior despite there being no female soldiers, which means she must learn to fight from her friends and her weaponsmith father and learn sorcery from her aunt and her best friend Sennar. When a disaster strikes the Land of the Wind by the evil tyrant, Nihal decides she must take action and get revenge on those she has lost with her black crystal sword. Nihal must fight and face difficulties she could not have imagined to complete her dream but will she be the same person at the end?

Nihal of the Land of the Wind is a really good book which is a bit slow to start but really picks up and is descriptive. The story is really interesting and reminds me of Tamora Pierce’s books, as it has action and a strong female lead.

While I enjoyed the story, Nihal really annoyed me as she is selfish and spoiled as she wanted everything her way and did not think of others. However, I really liked Sennar as he was kind, helpful and even when he was very busy, he thought of others, I hope there is more of him in the next book.

I really enjoyed this book and I hope the next book is translated soon as I looking forward to reading it. I would recommend Nihal of the Land of the Wind to people who like Tamora Pierce’s books.

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