Monday 12 May 2014

The Language of Souls

4 Stars/5

Solena needs a herb to heal her dying grandfather, the only family she has left, but that involves going into the neighbouring hostile country Oden. When she is captured by a young solider and thought to be a spy she realises how much danger she is in. Rundan has always struggled to please his father, the army commander, but when he orders Rundan to take the young trespasser to the royal courts to be executed, he is conflicted as he does not want to harm her. After he gets hurt trying to protect her, and she heals him they grow closer, despite not speaking the same language, will Rundan chose to please his father or save the girl who he is falling for.

The Language of Souls is a really good fantasy short story, which is really romantic as well. While I would have loved to have more of this story but, unlike most novellas, I did not feel that there was part of the story which has been missed out.

Solena is a really nice person as she’s caring, determined and compassionated, although sometimes she is too compassionate. Rundan wants his father to like him but not at the cost of doing something that isn’t right, he is a scholarly person but is brave as well.

The Language of Souls is really good and I wish there will be more books in this universe, I would recommend to fans of Asleep by Elizabeth Darcy or Witch Song by Amber Argyle.

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