Friday 11 December 2015

Raining Embers

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Sage’s Blog Tours for giving me this book to review.

Palmer Tash always follows the path of least resistance. He has an unusual disability involving his hearing. But in theocratic Latysia, being different isn’t a good thing, so he conceals his problem.  Brier Chastain’s malady is even more debilitating, and she often must take to her bed for long periods. Her days are spent in meaningless pursuits as she awaits an arranged marriage. When Palmer and Brier are kidnapped on the same night, they meet and discover that their so-called disabilities are actually budding powers. They are the incarnations of Order and Chaos. With their country on the brink of war, the two must step into their predestined roles and learn to take control of their own destinies.

Raining Embers is an enjoyable YA fantasy novel, with adventure and magic. The first third of the book was slow but it did pick up. However, I was disappointed that Palmer and Brier’s disabilities were not as big in the story as they appeared in the synopsis and really played a very small role in the story.

Palmer is protective, smart and rule-abiding, and generally a good guy but I found it hard to connect with him, and the other characters. Brier is spontaneous and acts before she thinks, but I did not like how she was portrayed at the start as an alcoholic spoilt teen. I felt very sorry and protective of Rosette and I hope we get to see more of her back story in later books. Similarly I wish we knew more about Cerise and how she is able to shapeshift. I was confused about the romance in this book as I was unsure if Palmer and Brier were meant to be a couple or just friends.

Raining Embers had a very action packed ending and I would recommend it to fans of YA fantasy novels.

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