Tuesday 22 December 2015

The Shepherd's Crown

5 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Random House UK Children’s for giving me this book to review.

WARNING – Spoilers in this review from the very beginning

In The Sheperd’s Crown, we say goodbye to both a much beloved character, Granny Weatherwax and to Sir Terry Pratchett himself. At the beginning of this book, Granny Weatherwax dies, and leaves her cottage and her responsibilities to Tiffany Aching, along with the headache of dealing with a boy with magical talents who wishes to be a witch not a wizard. When the Elves learn that Granny is no longer protecting the Dancers, will Tiffany be able to keep them out of Lancre and the Disc, whilst proving that she is able to fill Granny’s shoes?

Tiffany Aching continues as her intensely practical (and possibly slightly irritating) self, although in this book she realises that she can’t do everything herself, and she needs to ask for help sometimes. Geoffrey is an interesting character, in Sourcery, we had a girl, Esk, want to be a wizard, and now we have a boy wanting to become a witch. Also, Geoffrey’s idea with the sheds made me smile.

I believe that Sir Terry wrote Sheperd’s Crown knowing that it would be his last, and has allowed us to return to the characters and locations which were fan favourite’s. He has written with his usual humour and wit, although he maybe didn’t have time to add the final polishing touches. He has tied up several loose ends in Lancre and the Chalk.

Thank you, Sir Terry for 32 years of brilliant Discworld novels. R.I.P

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