Thursday 31 December 2015

The Power of Three

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Charles J Butler for giving me this book to review.

There are three planes of time, the land of fire, home of the demons, the land of the living, home of men, and the land of clouds, home of the angels. When angel Kamilah discovers a sinister plot, she becomes trapped on the land of the living. With the help of her new friends, Jed, a farmer, Kacey, a sorceress, and Ratty the rat, Kamilah must stop the Gates of Agalon being opened before it is too late.

The Power of Three is an enjoyable fantasy novel with an interesting story idea with adventure and friendship. However it did info-dump a bit in the beginning and the pacing did slowdown in the middle of the story.

Kamilah is a naïve, compassionate and loyal character who wants to explore this new world and discover things about it. Jed is courageous and clever but is also capable and kind. Kacey needed to learn how to believe in her powers and herself but I was not a fan of how often she winked. I can be very irritated with talking animals but with Ratty I understood his motives and he was not too cute.

The ending leaves it open for more books but had a good solid ending. I would recommend The Power of Three to fans of YA fantasy books.

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