Friday 29 April 2016


2 Stars/5

Thanks to Megan Dent Nagle or giving this book to review.

Zora has been denied the right to be heir to the Samarian throne by her mother Queen Evangeline. Zora loves her country and the people but she is sent to Cara to be married off, but on the journey she discovers she can wield Ithillium. Will she be able to master her ability in time to save the country she loves from her own mother?

Azurite is a good story idea but I struggled with it, but this may be because I had a lot going on when I was reading it. I found it hard to figure out what was happening and why, and I feel there should not have been as many POVs as there was.

The characters are not the most compelling or complex, as while I felt sorry for Zora and how her mother treated her, I felt that it was too forced. I liked Milo and how his character was not who I was expecting him to be.

I found Azurite hard to get into and I DNF at 48% but I think I struggled with it because I was distracted by the ‘real world’ while reading it and I might want to give it another go sometime.

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