Saturday 23 April 2016

Daughter of Dusk

3 Stars/5

Kyra has developed a tentative alliance with the palace but she is worried that her bloodline will be discovered and she will be hunted like the other Demon Riders. With the assassin James imprisoned, Kyra fears that he will give away her secret to save himself. With Kyra caught between two armies and with things becoming tense with Tristam she has few people she can turn to. Is she able to use her Makvani blood to help stop the hostiles or will that become the catalyst for more violence.

Daughter of Dusk is the enjoyable sequel to Midnight Thief, which was fast paced and full of politics and action but I still found it a bit forgettable and not as good as the previous novel. There was not as much romance in this book than I was expecting and while I found it to be realistic I did wish there was more in it.

Kyra is more decisive and capable than in the previous book and she has learnt to understand and accept both sides of herself. She is also caring about her friends and compassionate while also able to handle herself. Tristam is level-headed, honourable and tried to do what is right even if it will negatively affect him. I was disappointed with the part James played in this book as he was the most interesting character and he I didn’t feel his character was utilised as he could have been.

I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading more of Blackburne’s books. I would recommend Daughter of Dusk to people who liked the previous book Midnight Thief.

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