Tuesday 12 April 2016


2 Stars/5

Elena has been on the run all of her life with her father, even though she has no idea why, that is until a dragon kills her father. She wakes up in a mystical land called Paegeia, and is soon enrolled in a new school where she meets lots of new people, including those who are able to change into dragons. Elena is struggling to learn everything she needs to be able to understand this new world she finds herself in, and with a long thought dead sorcerer back and Elena has to find a way to save her new home.

Firebolt was an OK book which in some points I found entertaining but mostly I found it to be predictable, forgettable and the story didn’t pick up until near the end. It felt too teenage for me and had too much school drama and the relationships, both romantic and non-romantic developed way too quickly.

I felt Elena was very immature for a 16 year old, for example blushing whenever anyone mentioned sex, and gets over the death of her father and arriving in this new world too quickly and I just generally was not a fan of her. However, I did like some of the secondary characters, like her two friends Becky and Sammy. On the other hand the boys irritated me as Lucian was too perfect and his relationship with Elena seems very superficial. Blake was mysterious and a jerk and I do not get why so many people like his character.

I have heard that the following books go downhill and I am not sure I want to carry one with The Dragonian series. 

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