Monday 4 April 2016

The Altarian Saga: The Maiden of Springhaven

4 Stars/5

Thanks to C D Brosnan for giving me this book to review.

Living in a war torn nation, Altaria is stuck helping her injured father on their farm but dreams of leaving and becoming a healer. After an unexpected tragedy she has to leave her home, along with her newly returned friend Theseus, her pet dragon and horses and has to find her way in this dangerous world. She is determined to find her brothers but is unaware that more is going on than she could have imagined and that she is about to be caught in the middle of it.

The Altarian Saga: The Maiden of Springhaven is a really enjoyable and engaging YA fantasy novel. This book has adventure, romance and a quest, and while it was predictable the writing was descriptive. I found it had a slow beginning but when I got about 20% into it, I felt it picked up pace and was engaging.

Altaria is a likeable and realistic character who is friendly and caring but is also hard-working and impulsive. Theseus is another character I liked because he is considerate and generous but is also protective and he adapts to the situation he is in. Ureal was mysterious and enigmatic and I could not decide if she was trustworthy or not.

I found this book to be really likeable book and after that cliff-hanger I am really looking forward to when the next book comes out. I would recommend The Altarian Saga: The Maiden of Springhaven to fans of The Gift by Alison Croggon and Winter Queen by Amber Argyle. 

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