Saturday 7 May 2016


3 Stars/5

Orphan stable boy Arcturus life changes forever when he reads a scroll and discovers that he has the ability to summon demons. Arcturus with his demon Sacharissa, are sent to Vocans Military Academy to learn about his ability but as the first commoner with this ability he finds he has enemies. With only Sacha on his side, Arcturus has to prove himself as a worthy summoner.

Origins is the prequel novella in the Summoner series, which is fast paced, enjoyable and easy to read, and it was great to see Arcturus’s beginning. While he is similar to Fletcher, I felt Arcturus is more street wise and I felt more protective towards him. After this novella I am hoping for some romance between Arcturus and Elaine Lovett in the next book. One thing I found irritating was that almost all of the adult characters from The Novice and The Inquisition were in this novella. I would recommend Origins to fans of the Summoner series. 

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