Monday 16 May 2016

The Burning Hand

4 Stars/5

After watching his tutor being murdered and discovering that Skyvale is under threat, Prince Tobiah is determined to stop the murderer Hensley. With guidance for Romily, a girl who knows the way around the rooftops, is Tobiah willing to risk his reputation or his life to make things right?

The Burning Hand is the third prequel novella in The Orphan Queen series and my favourite so far but also the darkest. I love getting to know Tobiah better and seeing how much he wants to help his country despite how corrupt it is. I also liked how clumsy he is compared to the vigilante we know and love. I also did not see that twist about James coming. I really enjoyed The Burning Hand and would recommend it to fans of Jodi Meadows Novels. 

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