Sunday 22 May 2016

The Mirror King

4 Stars/5

Prince Tobiah is on his deathbed after an attempted assassination by Patrick. Princess Wilhelmia is desperate to save him, partly because he is her only ally, but mostly because she loves him despite him being engaged to someone else. Wil is also determined to reclaim her country but she doesn’t want a war that would lead to death for both people in Indigo and Aecor kingdoms. On top of that Wil is worried about her magic and how it created wraith boy, and what implications will it have on the wraith that is growing closer.

The Mirror King is the very good second and final book in the Orphan Queen duology. It had lots of unexpected twists and turns and for the most part very fast paced, but in the middle it slowed and did not hold my attention. This book had intense action, good world building and a complex and heart-breaking romance.  I would suggest rereading The Orphan Queen as it does not catch you up that well.

Wil has become more indecisive in this book, especially after an important point in the story, and does not feel like she is good enough. However, while she has a lot of insecurities they were understandable and she admits when she has made mistakes, as well as being loyal and kind. Tobiah will do anything to help and protect his people either as the prince or Black Knife. He also faces a lot of difficult choices in this book and goes through a massive emotional journey.

The romance was heart-breaking and was complicated as so much stood between Wil and Tobiah, and I had no idea how there was going to be a happy ending, especially after an event at 43% of the way through. There were lots of three dimensional secondary characters such as James, Melanie and wraith boy, but I wish the villains where more interesting, particularly Patrick as I felt with not much effort he could have become a relatable bad guy.

I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading more books from Meadows. I would recommend The Mirror King to fans of The Orphan Queen.

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