Saturday 14 May 2016

The Glowing Knight

3 Stars/5

Prince Tobiah’s parents are pushing him closer to the new girl at court, Meredith, but he is distracted by the attack on his favourite tutor, Knight. When Knight plans on meeting the person Tobiah believes attacked him, Tobiah sets out to discover what his tutor is mixed up in.

The Glowing Knight is the second novella in this series about Tobiah. This book is action-packed and a fun read even though it is dark and deals with drugs. Tobiah is courageous and wants to discover the truth, and I felt sorry for him and how his parents treat him. For a novella there are a lot of characters some we know from The Orphan Queen but also some new. I would recommend The Glowing Knight to people who have read the first novella and The Orphan Queen.

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