Sunday 18 November 2012


4 Stars/5

Kelladry has passed all four years of being a page, and is now a squire. The only problem is that no knight has picked her for their squire. She is finally picked by Raoul Goldenlake, Commander of the Kings Own. As she accompanies Raoul on his adventures, she is accompanied by her old friends Jump, the dog, and Crown and her flock of sparrows. She also gains a Griffin rescued from a centaur raid.

Kelladry has matured even more in this book, and has even begun a romantic relationship, with Cleon. You also get to see Neal and Owen develop, and get to see how Raoul has matured since the events of Alana’s books. You also get to see in more detail the culture of the Yamani Islands, as Roald’s future bride comes from there.

I liked this novel because, I am not sure why, but I really connected with Kel, and her friends. I would recommend Squire to anyone who enjoyed Artemis Fowl, or any of Julia Golding’s books

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