Saturday 17 November 2012

The Worker Prince

2 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Diminished Media Group for giving me this to review

Davi has been raised as a prince, but unknown to him, he was born a worker. After Lord Xalivar decrees that all first born worker sons must be killed to stop one of them deposing him and taking over the throne, Davi is sent by his parents in an unmanned courier, and is found and adopted by Princess Miri, Lord Xalivar’s sister. He is assigned to the planet of his birth, as an adult, and is appalled by the treatment of workers. Whilst on assignment he helps a young worker and discovers she is related to him.

The Worker Prince is a young adult Sci-Fi book. The storyline is very predictable and reads quite young and na├»ve. Everybody is either good or bad, and everyone is taken at face value. Davi is welcomed into the workers rebellion without anybody wondering if he is a spy. Most of the characters are two dimensional apart from Davi’s uncle, who we see both the loving side to his nephew, and the harsh unfeeling side to the workers.

One plot hole in this story is how nobody noticed that Princess Miri was not pregnant one day, and had a bouncing baby boy the next.

I would recommend this book as a light introduction to sci-fi.

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