Sunday 9 December 2012


5 Stars/5

In Vanish, Jacinda was bound to Cassian even though she loves Will and was going to run away from the pride with Will; however it ends in disaster with Miram, Cassian’s sister, captured by the Enkros. Now Jacinda, Will, Cassian and Tamra are on a mission to rescue her, however, it is dangerous as Jacinda has to go undercover and is held prisoner by the Enkros and has to rely on the others.

This series is one of my guilty pleasures as I love the characters and story even though it’s a bit more teenage than I like. As this book is the shortest book in the series the pacing of the book is good and action-packed with just enough room to breathe.

All of the characters grow in personality in this book and we meet new people as well. Even though I am not on team Cassian I feel liked him in Hidden as he has really changed since Firelight. I loved the romance in this book as it is less about the love triangle, as Jacinda has already who she wants to be with, and more about her and her love interest getting use to each other.

Jordan is a brilliant writer as in one instance she describes and names one person and I was expecting him to be important but she took the story in a total different direction.  This book has a good story and some twists although a bit predictable and wraps up most of the questions raised in this book but not all.

I would recommend Hidden to people who like young adult book with dragons in. 

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