Sunday 9 December 2012


5 Stars/5

To save Will, the boy she loves, from dying, Jacinda has betrayed her kind’s most guarded secret, the ability to be able to change into a human. Now, travelling back to her pride she will never see him again and may have to face life with Cassian and give up on Will. When she returns she is treated as a traitor and in a twist Tamra get all the attention.

I love this book as it is different from most YA paranormal books. The pacing is much slower in this novel than the last, especially the middle. However, it was interesting to see how the pride worked and to see how characters acted away from humans.

Jacinda personality grew during this book and it nice to see her able to be who she is with her people, however it did get annoying her moping about Will. The other characters in this book were ok and nicely rounded especially Cassian and Tamra. One thing I did not like about this book is the love triangle, I like them when you don’t know who the character will choose, but in this book it is obvious so I don’t really care about it.

However in the second half of the book it gets really action-packed and makes up for the slightly dull first half. Vanish has a cliff-hanger ending so make sure you have Hidden nearby when you finish. I would recommend this to people who like Twilight or L J Smith books. 

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