Thursday 21 March 2013

Clockwork Princess

3 Stars/5

Tessa is engaged and should be happy but her heart is torn between Jem, the man she has promised to be with forever and his best friend Will, who Tessa is struggling to hide her feelings for. However, after an unusual demon fight, the Institute finds out that Jem has been taking more Yin Fen to hide the fact that he is more ill than they thought and they have to fight against time to find a cure for him. At the same time Mortain is getting closer to destroying the Shadowhunters and the Consul does not believe or support them. Tessa has to figure out what she is and who she should be with before Mortain uses it against her.

Clockwork Princess is the third and final novel in the Infernal Devices series which up to about 2 thirds of the book through I thought it was amazing. However, in the last third there were some thing’s that that happened put me off it, and annoyed me, however, it is still a decent book.

I liked the secondary characters in this book and how they all interacted with each other, however, it does get annoying that everyone has to be in relationships to be happy.


I have two reasons why I did not like this book compared to Clare’s other novels. Firstly, after only hours of thinking that Tessa FiancĂ© and Will best friend, Jem, had died, they sleep together, I really did not like this as it is really selfish of both of them and they obviously did not care as much about Jem as they thought or they would not do that straight after they thought he had died. Secondly the ending did not seem all that realistic as after everything that happened it felt like the easy option to make Jem a Silent Brother, Tessa marry Will and then in modern day Jem and Tessa get together.


I was rather disappointed by the final of this series and I hope that City of Heavenly Fire is a better final book. I would recommend Clockwork Princess to people who like the rest of Cassandra Clare’s work, even though it is not her best.  

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