Saturday 2 March 2013

The Holders

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Strange Chemistry for giving this book to review.

Becca has spent all her life protecting her brother Ryland from people who though he is crazy, but when two representatives arrive from a school in Ireland called St Brigid, saying they can help Ryland, Becca does not trust them especially as their father who abandoned them when Ryland was a baby is at the school. However, one of the representatives called Alex explains that the voices Ryland hears are the thoughts of others and that he is a Holder, a person with incredible powers. Becca agrees that her brother can go, as long as she can come to and check everything ok for him. As Becca and Ryland fit in and enjoy St Brigid and Becca is deepening feelings for Alex, she has to decide whether she can trust them or do they have an alternative motive.

The Holders is an enjoyable YA paranormal novel that very predictable but is still really nice and light.

Becca is a really likable character who will do anything to protect her family and I can really identify with. Alex is also a nice person as, even with all he has been through, he is still kind, loyal and giving.

The Holders is likable book and I hope there is another in this series, I would recommend this to people who like Need by Carrie Jones.

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