Sunday 15 December 2013

The Seven Kingdoms

3 Stars/5

Peace has finally been reached in the seven kingdoms of Justava, but a new evil power is growing, the Necromancer empire. After they are betrayed and have lost their loved ones and city, Brenik and Nalia must find allies to stop the necromancer’s army. To do this they must overcome their prejudices and seek the outcasts of Justava to ignite their rebellion.

The Seven Kingdoms is an enjoyable book, which is a classic fantasy tale with good fighting evil. Whilst this book is similar to Lord of the Rings, it felt like it was more inspired by it than trying to be like it. The start of the book was a bit slow but soon it picks up as the story got more interesting.

I like Brenik and Nalia as they were trying to do what was right and save all races not just their own. However, I did find them a bit too prefect as they were good at everything. Even though I normally like romance in my books, the romance in this did not feel right to me, but I am not sure why.

I enjoyed this book and I hope there are more in this series. I would recommend The Seven Kingdoms to people who enjoy a good fantasy novel which has a good vs. evil theme.


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