Friday 18 July 2014

Fool's Assassin

4 Stars/5

Thanks to Edelweiss and Del Rey for giving me this book to review.

After returning from the Out Islands, former assassin and Royal bastard Fitz, believed dead by most and now called Tom Badgerlock, has settled down with his childhood sweetheart, Molly, at Withywoods, whilst their daughter Nettle is at Court as part of Dutiful’s Coterie. The years pass and Fitz is no longer heavily involved in Farseer politics and most of his time is spent managing the holding.  Molly and Fitz are content but another child would complete their happiness, though their age is against them. Fitz has not heard from the Fool for many years, until he hears rumours of his “Unexpected Son” and starts making inquiries as to whether the son exists.

Robin Hobb has returned home to the familiar and successful world of the Six Duchies and the character of Fitzchivalry Farseer, and I really enjoyed this book as feels as if it was written directly after the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies. Whilst this book starts of gently, reintroducing you to Fitz and his now comfortable life, it really picks up the deeper you get into the story, along with some unexpected twists.

I really love the character of Fitz, as he seems quite a complex man, but at his core, he is intensely loyal to his loved ones, his country and his principles.  Fitz has matured into a surprisingly well balanced adult, considering what happened in the earlier series.  In the Farseer trilogy he was an arrogant and embittered youth, who became a recluse who was reluctantly dragged back into Farseer politics in the Tawny Man Trilogy.  In this book, whilst he is over-protective of his loved ones, he is now content.

I really enjoyed this book and am waiting with bated breath for the next in this series.  I would recommend Fools Assassin to those who enjoyed the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies but would strongly recommend reading them in the correct order.

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