Monday 21 July 2014

The House of the Four Winds

4 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Tor Books for giving me this book to review.

Clarise is the eldest of the duke and duchess of Swansgaarde’s thirteen children. With twelve daughter’s and one son, Dantan, they have realised that there will be no Duchy for Dantan, if his twelve older sisters receive a dowry. They have decided that when each of their daughters reaches their 18th birthday, they will go their own way to make their own fortune. Clarise decides to disguise herself as a boy, and become a gentleman traveller, but both romance and bad luck hit when she buys passage on the Asesino, with the attractive, charming and ethical First Mate Dominik, the friendly Dr Chapman, the repulsive and cruel Captain Sprunt, and the slimy Reverend Dobbs. However, after pushing the crew too far, a mutiny happens upon the Asesino and the victors come into possession of a magical artefact which leads them to the haven of pirates, The House of the Four Winds.

I really like The House of the Four Winds, as Mercedes Lackey has written a very well-paced book, which drags you into the story from the first chapter. This is a very action packed book, with romance, which has you rooting for Clarise and Dominik, although wondering how and when she will eventually reveal she is a girl.

Clarise is an interesting character because, whilst she has grown up as a princess to a duchy, she is surprisingly unspoilt, and remarkably self-sufficient. Dr Chapman is a complex character I really liked, because whilst he is a doctor and does not wish to do any harm, he sees that some cause more harm by existing than their removal would do.

I really hope that Mercedes Lackey continues on this series, and whether it follows each sister as they set off, or continues Clarise and Dominiks story, I hope we find out what happens to them in the future. I would recommend The House of the Four Winds to anyone who has read any of Mercedes Lackey’s other books, especially the Obsidian Trilogy.

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