Friday 21 November 2014

The Shadow of the Swarm

3 Stars/5

Thanks to Sweet Cherry Publishing for giving me this book to review.

Tallitha is trapped in the castle, Hellstone Tors, along with her brother, as she has been betrayed and is being forced to become one of the swarm. She is determined to free her Aunt Esmerelda who is trapped in the Bleak Rooms, a terrible prison, and to also break the pact before she becomes one of the swarm. With a mysterious boy following her, is she able to trust him or does he have his own agenda?

The Shadow of the Swarm is the enjoyable sequel to The Morrow Secret, and it has action, suspense and a mysterious and creepy feeling. I found this book more interesting than the previous book as it is not as slow and has more POVs.

Tallitha is not as trusting as she was in the last book but just as determined to do what she has set her mind to. With more POVs we also get to see what is happening at both Hellstone Tors and at The Winderling Spires. Quillam was an interesting character and I wish we could have learned more about him, and I was still really annoyed by Tyaas and I wish he would grow up.

I liked this book more than the last one and am looking forward to the final book in the trilogy The Dark Spell. I would recommend The Shadow of the Swarm to fans of the first book The Morrow Secrets.

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