Sunday 30 November 2014

With Tide and Tempest

4 Stars/5

Aemi is still struggling to adapt to life in Itlantis, with people believing she is part of the Nautilus plot, someone is trying to kill her again and her mother and sister have returned home to Primus. Still trying to find out information about her father and the Azure Institute, Aemi talks to Valus, the son of Arik Nautilus, the person who destroyed Celestrus. When Aemi receives word that her best friend Kit might be alive on the surface, she and some of her friends set out to find him but will they be able to avoid Nautilus’s men who petrol the waters?

With Tide and Tempest is the really enjoyable third book in the Secrets of Itlantis series. It is addictive, just like the other books in the series, and has action, twists and romance. However, I did find it a bit similar to By Sun and Saltwater, with them going off to investigate things.

Aemi is still as good as she was in the first two books as she was clever and strong but has learn to think things through more than she did before. My favourite newish character in this book is Valus because he is not what I was expecting.

I am really enjoying this series and am really looking forward to reading the next book For Wreak and Remnant as this book ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger. I would recommend With Tide and Tempest to fans of the first two books in the Secrets of Itlantis series. 

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