Saturday 21 February 2015

Aquila: Into the Light

4 Stars/5

Aquila has finally found out what she is and has discovered friends, family and love in the city of Celthia. However, she has been kidnapped by the Dragone while trying to rescue her mother, but she has been betrayed and injured by the man she loves, Liam. Now she must find a way to escape, but whilst there she begins to questions things, why the future ruler of the Dragone looks so familiar, and why they do not act like the people the Avian describe. With Aqua trying to figure out the truth, she has to face her future and figure out where she belongs.

I really enjoyed Aquila: Into the Light as it was a fact paced and addictive sequel. There is more action in this book, has a lot of twists and is well written.

Aqua has developed during these two books, as she finally knows what type of person she is, and she is really protective and fights for what is fair. There are some new characters that I really like in this book. One is Brue as he is a typical boy who is charming and wants to be brave but mostly just gets into trouble. The other is Axion as he is thoughtful, caring and philosophical.

However I did not like Liam as much in this book, mostly because he shot an arrow at Aqua and he never really explains why. Also people thinking Aqua is unreasonable for not forgiving him, and then about halfway though everyone, including Aqua, seems to have forgotten that is ever happened.

Despite this I did really like this book and I look forward to what T L Searle does next. I would recommend Aquila: Into the Light to fans of the first book Aquila: From the Darkness 

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