Wednesday 18 February 2015

The Ruby Circle

5 Stars/5

Adrian and Sydney are married, but their married life has not gone smoothly, they are hiding from the wrath of The Alchemists with the Moroi, but the Moroi are disgusted and confused by their relationship. But worse is that Jill has been missing for a month with no idea of where she is or if she is even alive. When Sydney receives a clue to where Jill is, she goes on a dangerous hunt to find her. Meanwhile, Adrian is trying to save Nina from using too much spirit and going crazy, but discovers that her sister, Olive, has been keeping a shocking secret from everyone. With both Sydney and Adrian desperate to find Jill, will they ever be able to stop running?

The Ruby Circle is the brilliant conclusion to the Bloodlines series, and fans of the previous books will not be disappointed. It has magic, romance and action, with a scavenger hunt type of adventure which has lots of twists and turns.

Both Sydney and Adrian have developed so much as characters in this series. Sydney is still, mature, organised and smart, but she is now much more open minded and less of a control freak. I feel Adrian has grown the most in this series, as he is much more responsible than he was in the Vampire Academy series and less laidback but is also the kind, charming and witty Adrian than we know and love.

There are lots of cameo’s from character’s from Vampire Academy, especially Rose and Dimitri who feature a lot in this book. However, I did miss some of the characters from this series, like Jill and Angeline. I also did not see the storyline about Olive coming when I started the book.

This is one of my favourite series, and although there is no obvious plots to continue, I hope there is more books in this universe. I would recommend The Ruby Circle to fans of The Vampire Academy series and people who enjoyed the previous Bloodlines books.

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