Saturday 4 April 2015

Misty Falls

3 Stars/5

Misty’s Savant gift means that she can never tell a lie, which leads to her always getting into trouble. When going to South Africa to help Uriel Benedict find his Soul Finder, Misty meets the charming Alex, and is determined that she should keep her distance. However, the Savant world is in danger as a serial killer who is targeting young Savants and no one is safe.

Misty Falls is a good sequel which has action, suspense and a quick pace. However, it is a bit predictable and the romance was nowhere near as good as the previous books.

Misty was a nice character who has always felt a bit of a misfit, and easy to relate to but she is similar to other YA heroines. I just could not like Alex much as, especially in the beginning he was very smug, rude to Misty and I just did not trust him. It did not get better as the book went on as Misty obviously cared him more than he did and it seemed that he did not think about her feelings.

This book is not as good as the first 3 Benedict books but still enjoyable, and I hope Stirling writes a book about Victor as I think it would be really good. I would recommend Misty Falls to fans of the first 3 books. 

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