Monday 30 March 2015

Veil of the Corrupter

3 Stars/5

King Myole is dead and his light awaits his heir but there is a dark power in Ardentia that is desperate to get their hands on it. In castle Dubraycon, Princess Mydra is upset about her father’s death and is unsure if she is ready for the throne but people want to use her for their own ends. Jahna has left the life she has always known to search for the remaining pieces of the Empyrean Key. However, at the same time she has to supervise her childhood friends Lilac and Silko as well as the charming thief Arn. With time running out and old gods awakening will Jahna be able to assemble the key on time.

Veil of the Corrupter is the enjoyable fantasy sequel to The Empyrean Key. It is very fast paced, is full of adventure and is like a big scavenger hunt.

I liked Jahna in this book as she is a brave and strong character who is pushy and never gives up. However, I got annoyed at the other main characters, with Silko, I just wanted him to man up and stop being so fragile, and Lilac came across as a bully. There was nothing particularly wrong with Arn and Sky, they just seemed a bit cliché.

However, I did enjoy the story and I am looking forward to the next book. I would recommend Veil of the Corrupter to fans of the first book The Empyrean Key.

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