Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Dream Walker Returns

3 Stars/5

The Darkness has waited a long time to return to Mystica and will do anything to cover all of Mystica in darkness by manipulating the wizard Shadow. Miranda is called back to Mystica to help fight the darkness, with her boyfriend Brian following her. But does Brian mean to help or hinder help and can Miranda stop the Darkness and save Mystica in time?

The Dream Walker Returns is an enjoyable sequel which goes a bit more in depth, it has action, adventure and a bit more romance. However, like the first book, I felt very distant from the story and it seemed that it was all told not shown.

Miranda is still a nice person, very trusting and has developed her magic more, but it seems that we don’t get to see how she feels which makes it hard to connect to her. Similarly, with Brian it was hard to relate to him and his struggles but I felt we got more emotion from him than Miranda.

This is an enjoyable light book and I look forward to the next book The Dream Walker’s Destiny. I would recommend The Dream Walker Returns to fans of the first book in the Land of Mystica series The Dream Walker.

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