Sunday 15 March 2015

The Dream Walker

3 Stars/5

In the land of Mystica there were 6 wizards, three light and three dark, but Midnight, one of the dark wizards got to power hungry and accidentally trapped them all in stones. Centuries later a curious boy finds one of the stones and releases Midnight on Mystica. The only person who can find the light wizard Lightning, who can stop Midnight, is collage girl Miranda who has been dreaming of Mystica, but is she able to help in time?

The Dream Walker is an enjoyable light fantasy novella, which has a fairytale feel to it, as it has adventure, magic and a battle between good and evil. Saying that the characters are lacking in depth and I felt a distance from the story and I could not connect to it. Also I normally don’t notice grammar mistakes but the book has quite a few but with a few tweaks this book could be really good.

Miranda is a sweet and strong girl who I would have liked to learn more about, but she did accept everything very easily. The main secondary character is Walking Bear who is protective and never breaks a promise, and I thought he would Miranda’s love interest but he wasn’t, at least in book.

This is a short sweet book and I look forward to the next book The Dream Walker Returns. I would recommend The Dream Walker to fans of light fantasy novels.

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