Saturday 7 November 2015

Hat of Keepings

2 Stars/5

Thanks to D C Vincent for giving me this book to review.

Sara is a high school student and also a witch on the side, who is happily juggling her life until her best friend and her witness another witch murder, which starts a chain of events. Everyone believes that the last of the blood witches died in a war that killed a lot of witches including Sara’s mother, but Sara knows that one has survived and is among them in her circle. The only thing that can save her and her friends is to destroy an enchantment before the blood witch gets their hand on it. Is Sara able to become a fully trained witch in time?

Hat of Keepings is an ok paranormal novel with mystery and action but I found it hard to get into. It was a long read and had a slow pace but had an interesting story idea.

I found it hard to connect to the characters but found Sara thoughtful, resourceful and clever. There are a few secondary characters including Jane who is chatty, impulsive and a bit hot-headed, and Melissa who is smart, intense and can be intimidated.

I found it hard to get into this book but I would recommend it to people who like paranormal novels about witches.

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