Sunday 29 January 2017

Last Stand

5 Stars/5

Thanks to Rachel E Carter for giving me this book to review.

Last Stand is the brilliant final book in The Black Mage series. It is fast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat with all the twists and turns. This story is an emotional rollercoaster and is the darkest story of the series with some very dark points.

Ryiah is determined to stop Blayne even though it will cost her everything, and she is a good character who is selfless even though she doesn’t see it herself. This is the first book where I truly understand Darren (probably because I have read Non-Heir) and I really liked his character, especially in the first third of the book, as he is so understanding and caring despite him being under so much stress. I felt very sorry for both Ryiah and Darren as they are both caught in situations they cannot escape no matter how much they want to.

I love this book and this series, and I cannot wait to read Rachel’s next book. I really recommend Last Stand and The Black Mage to anyone as they are excellent Fantasy books. 

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