Friday 28 September 2018

The Alliance of Isian


Thanks to Serena Clarke for giving me this book to review.

The Alliance of Isian is the really good second book in the Isian trilogy. Unlike the previous book, this story was less about adventure and more about politics which but it was still just as good as it has a sweet romance and is fast paced. There is an interesting story about differing cultures and how you shouldn’t judge people based off stereotypes.

Gabrielle is a good and relatable character as you could understand her frustrations and feelings in this book but this did not mean she was afraid to stand up for herself. Alec is charming and thoughtful who is very protective and caring towards his people.

I really enjoyed this book and I am really looking forward to reading the final book in the trilogy The Secret of Isian. I would recommend The Alliance of Isian to fans of the first book and those who enjoy light fantasy novels.

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