Monday 28 January 2019



Archenemies is the enjoyable sequel to Renegades and all of my favourite characters were back. There was action, romance and a unique take on the good vs evil fight. However, I felt that not much happened and I wish Meyer had stuck to the plan of the series being a duology as, apart from the ending, there was nothing noticeably important that really happened.

I liked the conflict Nova felt in this book as while she is totally loyal to her unusual family, she doubts herself and whether either side is correct, but this did mean that we did not see much of the kickass Nightmare as I would have liked. Adrian did not have as much character growth as I would like as he had the same problems and worries as the first book but he is still kind and inquisitive.

The best part of this book was the ending as it was so action packed and I couldn’t predict what was happening next. While I did not like this book as much as the first, I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to the final book in the renegades trilogy. I would recommend Archenemies to fans of the first book and those who enjoy superhero stories.

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