Wednesday 3 December 2014


4 Stars/5

Thanks to Netgalley and Baen Books for giving me this book to review.

After Sera gives up her angelhood in return for John Murdock’s life, she is heartbroken to discover that he has lost all memory of her, his powers, and the Thulian invasion of Earth. Bella is still trying to come to terms with being the official leader of Echo, and Victrix is dealing with Overwatch now being an official part of Echo. How will all of them cope with their altered roles in post Invasion Atlanta?

I really enjoyed Collision; but whilst it was quite slow paced at the beginning, it more than made up for that with the end battle. However, the battle scenes took up an immense amount of the book which left less time for us to follow the characters.

I liked Sera in this book, as she is more human, and you can feel her pain at losing all that she had known, including John.  I really felt for Victrix throughout the whole series, as she has overcome extreme adversity, and still suffers emotionally whilst still coming through for Echo and the CCCP. I did feel that this book focused on John and Sera’s problems to the detriment of other story lines, and would have liked to see more of the underlying CCCP, and Verdigris arcs be shown.

I really liked Collision and would recommend this series to readers of other Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin books.

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